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Let's Break it Down

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I wanted to come back with a bang. Micah and I recently wrapped up the 2010 Summer Film Workshop where 12 high school and college age kids put up with us for a week of film theory lectures, tutorials, and film screenings. As part of the class we shot a movie trailer of a fake action movie entitled “The UnRetireds”. We tried to throw in a bunch of silly over-the-top action movie moments into the trailer and here a few of the shots broken down by their elements to show how they were put together. I always love these little videos in the behind the scenes extras they put on DVD’s so I figured I’d take a crack at one. Special thanks goes to Andrew Kramer and his invaluable Action Movie Essential Elements. We’ll post the finished trailer online soon but until then enjoy this sneak peak.


Visual FX Breakdown Video