Telling the stories of the most storied place

We Need More Sweat!

On Thursday, we spent the afternoon at Vaught Hemmingway stadium on campus filming an upcoming commercial for Ole Miss Football with Senior star running back Brandon Bolden. The spot is a “Nike-esque” commercial with Brandon going through a rigorous training regimen in preparation for the upcoming season ending with a leap that’ll make Superman jealous! I […]

Meet Me in Southaven.

Last week we spent a few days in Southaven to produce a 30-second regional spot for the Ole Miss Southaven campus. The commercial will showcase several Ole Miss students from all walks of life who are earning their degree at Southaven. It was a great chance to use our Red One Digital Cinema Camera and […]

Let's Break it Down

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I wanted to come back with a bang. Micah and I recently wrapped up the 2010 Summer Film Workshop where 12 high school and college age kids put up with us for a week of film theory lectures, tutorials, and film screenings. As part of the class […]

Rock It!

As a part of the week of service leading up to the inauguration of Chancellor Jones, we will be producing a retrospective look at the variety of service projects that are happening on campus. One of the events that happened last night was the “Rock the Bus” where Graduate School members collected school supplies for […]

The Giants Are Coming

Here are some set-up pics from today’s shoot at Tad Smith Colliseum. Micah Ginn and Matthew Graves are producing an update to the successful “Basketball Giants” spot for the Ole Miss Men’s Basketball team. Apparently, this blue cloth was all that was holding Karen (pictured) back from grabbing the players. Check back soon for the […]

Sounds like the South

This semester the Media and Documentary Projects Center has been working with The Center for the Study of Southern Culture to create a radio series called “Sounds of the South.” These short profiles will showcase articles from the  New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture Music Volume. MDP’s Joe York and Southern Studies graduate intern Jesse Wright are producing the […]

Teacher Corp to get the Academic Network treatment

I spent the day with Teacher Corp grad Danielle Hall who teaches high school math at HW Byers High School outside of Holly Springs yesterday. I’m producing a profile video on the Mississippi Teacher Corp as the latest addition to the SEC Academic Network site. Check back soon for the finished video. -Matthew

It's All Academic (Network)

Matthew Graves has been hustling this last couple of weeks to produce the first 5 profiles to be featured on the Ole Miss channel of the SEC Academic Network.  Pictured here is an interview with Provost Morris Stocks about the School of Accountancy’s success in placing its graduates in jobs and graduate school .  This […]

It's Engineering Time Again

I went out to the Biological Field Station today to shoot footage of Engineering students touring the facility for the upcoming promotional video we’re doing for the School of Engineering. Pictured is former Engineering student Max Woolsey demonstrating the submarine he is working on in a joint project for Ole Miss and Southern Miss. This is just […]

Are you ready for more?

We were at the Desoto Campus today shooting footage for three new spots in the “Are You Ready?” campaign series. These spots will feature current students at the University of Mississippi Desoto Campus who are all working and taking classes full time. Look out for these spots highlighting a Detective, a Teacher, and a Social […]