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Engineering a New Academic Network Profile

Here is the latest addition to the Academic Network profile video series we have been producing this year. This profile focuses on the School of Engineering, touching on the variety of programs that students can focus on including Civil, Chemical, Geological, Mechanical, General, Electrical, and Computer Science. This particular profile comes from a longer piece […]

Up Close and Personal

I was back in the water today for the profile video I’m producing on the scuba diving class. They let me strap on the gear and stay submerged which was pretty awesome, I’ve got to say. It definitely made a difference in my ability to shoot better footage. This might possibly be the coolest shoot […]


I got to try out our new underwater camera housing today for the upcoming Academic Profile video on the scuba class. Worked like a charm! -Matthew

The Civil Legal Clinic

The latest Academic Network profile shines the light on the Civil Legal Clinic at the University of Mississippi School of Law. The Civil Legal Clinic helps prepare its students for the actual practice of law by teaching practical skills and substantive law through real life representation of low-income clients under rigorous faculty supervision.

A Civil Affair

I spent the day in Moorhead, MS with Desiree Hensley and the Ole Miss Civil Legal Clinic class shooting footage for a profile about the program. It’s a great service that this group provides and a wonderful opportunity for Ole Miss Law students. I know I sound like a broken record here but stay tuned […]

The Tax Man Cometh

More pics. This time from an upcoming profile video on a Tax clinic offered to Oxford residents with volunteers from the University’s School of Accountancy.

Load On

Here’s a few pics from an upcoming profile video I’m producing on the Ford Center. I spent the morning shooting the load-in of tonight’s show “Porgy and Bess”. I’ll head back tonight to grab some footage during the performance. You might be wondering why all the pictures of upcoming profile videos and no videos yet. […]

Profiled Teacher Recognized

Congratulations to Mississippi Teacher Corp alumni Danielle Hall for winning District Teacher of the Year. Danielle was featured in our recent Academic Profile video about the Mississippi Teacher Corps. Danielle teaches math H.W. Byers High School outside of Holly Springs. Click here to watch the profile video. Congratulations Danielle!

Hold Your Breath

I started shooting footage today for a new Academic Profile Video. This one will focus on the Scuba Diving class offered by Campus Recreation. It’s a unique opportunity for Ole Miss students to learn and practice Scuba Diving. Stay tuned for more info and the finished video. To watch some of the other profile videos […]

Speaker's Edge makes the "Cut"

Here is the latest addition to our series of academic profiles. This video highlights the Speaker’s Edge competition at the School of Business Administration. Our goal is to produce around 10 – 15 more of these profile videos over the course of the semester so be on the lookout for new additions.