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Texas Tea

Greetings from Seminole, Texas! Today was my third day of shooting for the documentary about Texas High School One Act Play competitions. It’s been a wonderful experience so far to meet these incredibly talented and passionate students involved in Seminole’s One-Act and see the tremendous amount of preparation that goes into competing at the unique theatrical event. This Thursday is the district meet, the first step toward their goal of advancing to the state competition in Austin. An interesting development has arisen in that the nearby rival school Andrews Texas is performing the exact same play as Seminole. It should make for a very interesting performance on Thursday.

Today was spent both at the theatre and also around Seminole, grabbing footage around town as well as experimenting with time-lapse shots to capture the truly unique images of the West Texas landscape. I had some great help today from dad driving me around town to different spots.

Tomorrow, I’ll be finishing my interviews with the students and directors as well as touring the construction site of the new performing arts center currently being built at the High School. Check back tomorrow for more updates.

– Matthew