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In a flash…

Recently we cleaned and transferred an old 16mm “Castle Films” news reel featuring the game-story of our heart-stopping 1959 football game with LSU.  During the transfer process I realized that one of the frames of film actually caught the moment in which Billy Cannon had his famous snapshot taken.  As you can see, that’s a lot of light in that fraction of a second when the bulb explodes.  What a moment for both schools.  It was the lone defeat for the Ole Miss Rebels that year, and on top of that, it was one of only three touchdowns allowed ALL SEASON by the grid-iron Rebs.  The 1959 Ole Miss Rebels were one of the best teams ever fielded anywhere, as was evidenced later in that same season when they were rematched with Cannon and his Bayou Bengals in the 1960 Sugar Bowl.  The Rebels came out on top that day, taking a 21 to 0 victory and holding the Heisman-winning Cannon to just 8 yards rushing.

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