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Honoring Chucky Mullins…


Always a moving event, this year’s Chucky Mullins Courage Award Banquet marked 20 years since the inception of the award. Chucky Mullins will forever impact this University, and all of us at the Media and Documentary Projects Center are honored to work on the event. This year, we produced video elements that played throughout the night, featuring remembrances from friends of Chucky’s, as well as former winners of the award and members of the current coaching staff at Ole Miss. Thanks to Chuck Smith, executive producer of “Undefeated: The Chucky Mullins Story” who allowed us to use excerpts from the documentary throughout the program. We also put together highlights of the three outstanding nominees for this year’s award, as well as a highlight reel of former winners of the award. Student Noah Bunn was our lighting choreographer, and he brought a beautiful color scheme to the evening, transforming the Indoor Practice Facility into a showcase-type setting. Good job, Noah, and thanks! We have to also thank Hunter Palmer for pulling grip duty all day and Matthew Graves for coordinating the live show and manning the camera! Also, thanks to our leader Andy Harper, who worked on his birthday to help us get set up for the night. All in all, it was a great team effort and a great night!

Micah Ginn